About Us

Gatetomarket part of Shivam Export India Inc. was born with the spirit, hope and the need to grow as professionals involved in the internationalization of foreign companies.We have experience of international trade for more the 27 years and know how the challenges come in doing business in a foreign land and over the years we have worked out the solutions and formulas. We worked out the formula that collaboration is the key to success in foreign trade and growth of any company. As Bill gates said the next 20 years of the world lies in collaboration and that’s what we believe in Gatetomarket.


Only professionals with experience in strategic decision-making, in any foreign trade field, and with specific training in foreign trade may become members of Gatetomarket. Over the years we have now an amazing network in India with which we have helped foreign companies to enter the Indian market and vice versa.


With the help of vast experience of founders in international trade we have helped lots of European companies in increase there export and import and also having been able to increase the degree of professionalization of managers of international departments, having promoted foreign trade consultancy in Europe also.


We are fully satisfied, as our services are demanded by corporations and leading companies in Europe to sign collaboration agreement.